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 Banish List

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PostSubject: Banish List   Banish List Icon_minitimeSun Feb 11, 2007 2:23 pm

Banished Furres

Kills/Niwa/Jerk[Dream & Forums]
Psycic[Dream & Forums]
Atrey Golden[Dream & Forums]
Jpdan japan[Dream]
Rowan Oak[Dream]
Hope beth[Dream]

Reasons Stated
Kills/Niwa/Jerk- spammed.
Psycic- broke few staff rules and spammed(?)
Atrey Golden- broke several staff rules and spammed(?)
God- Unknown real Furcadian name, titled himself/herself as "God" and joked up about it.
Jpdan japan- spammed.
Rowan Oak- spammed.
Hope beth- spammed.

If you think any more specific names/furres should be banished-- PM Doxie, Floyra, #SOMoonlight#SO, or me.
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Banish List
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