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 Trial Staff Information - All Trials READ

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PostSubject: Trial Staff Information - All Trials READ   Trial Staff Information - All Trials READ Icon_minitimeTue Feb 13, 2007 9:04 am

Trial Staff

Being a trial staff sometimes count you not on auto-share. Some Build a Homes may have you on auto, but there are some that do not. Being a trial staff isn't all bad. It just means you are going to be tested as a staff member here in Shoreline Homes. You will need to be tested on trial with share; the owners and co-owners will see how you are working. If you are working well and often in the dream, you may be promoted to a regular staff member soon as long as the trial period ends.

Shoreline Trial Information

Okay, in Shoreline Homes, all new staff members are put on trial. If you were hired with 5 recommendations, then you are only on a 7 DAY trial period! We wouldn't really want you to work your butts off, but you should at least try the best you can do. If you have been hired on trial for three recommendations in two weeks, you will have an amount of two to three weeks of being on trial in SLH and your trial period may end in the second month you work here. You might be on regular, or you might not have share and do not work here anymore. Once you are first hired, and you get put on trial, you will need to get on often in the dream to work if you receive share. If the owner or co-owners see how you behave, and you are seen behaving appropriately, but not only that.. you may need to work harder than a regular staff will, then the owner or co-owner may be impressed and have you easily going to regular once your trial period ends.
Mmk, once your trial period ends.. you will have your staff rank on these forums changed to regular, have your name moved on the staff list from trial to under the title 'staff members', and you may also receive auto-share. During the month of your trial period, probably in the second week that you work here in SLH, Doxie might be able to put you on auto-share. We hope all to work well, behave appropriately, have attention in patrons, and clean the BaH. You also need to know that when being a staff member and trial staff, you do not curse nor break ANY of the patron rules and staff rules. Another thing, you are not allowed to ask to have your staff rank moved/changed.

P.S. Trial staffs are allowed to reply to applications!
Thank you to all who read, hopefully you have fully understood and paid attention to all necessary in this thread. If you have any questions or comments, please PM me or the owner/other co-owners of anything you may have thinking about this information. If you think you should be moved from trial to regular, then contact me and/or the owner-other co-owners and we will have you moved. If the owner or co-owners do not know if you should be moved, then we will ask the other regular staff members to have you recommended/promoted to regular. Once we think you're ready, we will immediantly change your rank, and move you from trial to regular on the staff list.
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Trial Staff Information - All Trials READ
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