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 Staff List

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PostSubject: Staff List   Thu Jan 04, 2007 2:48 am

SLH Staff Members

Color Ranks:

Staff Member
Trial Staffs

Staff Members:

- Doxie
- #SOMoonlight#SO
- Maybelle [Formerly known as JQJenny]

- Frassy
- Aramet
- Dracoroc
- Arion-san
- Cyhunt
- Cinzia-sama
- Mally Venus
- Jared Jenkins
- Meekoso
- Frost Zora Fur
- Swiftspirit
- Isalynn
- Furmaid
- Claire Purpleberry
- Chazzle
- Mystwolf*

- Sweet Angel Of God
- Nadhari

- BlottedMuffen [since she quit..]
- Remmie [since she quited Furcadia]
- Maddie [since she quited Furcadia]
+ Dueler changed to Mystwolf


[[OK. If you are a staff here/got an accepted application, you must tell me this instant. Either PM me or whisper me in Furcadia, please. I will then add your name to the list.]]

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Staff List
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