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 Spam Levels.

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PostSubject: Spam Levels.   Spam Levels. Icon_minitimeSun Aug 19, 2007 2:11 am

I used a forsale house as an example, first off. So, I have decided that instead of being like, "Holy cow, House blah blah is spammed!" we could have "levels" of spam, on how bad they are.

This is an example of a level 1-2.0 spam:
Spam Levels. 4mchd1j
Spam Levels. 6ftbl76
Spam Levels. 66ljmmb
Spam Levels. 6hcuk2e
Spam Levels. 4md2crt

This is an example of a spam level 3-4.0:
Spam Levels. 4ytv2pe
Spam Levels. 6cfakhd
Spam Levels. 6crqpue

This is an example of a spam level 5-6.0:
Spam Levels. 4lq1g06
Spam Levels. 4mipsvq
Spam Levels. 4z3cew3

This is an example of a spam level 7-8.0:
Spam Levels. 62izmmf
Spam Levels. 5yx3e4l
Spam Levels. 63hvak7

This is an example of a spam level 9.0+:
Spam Levels. 62ngyt2
Spam Levels. 6c4269k
Spam Levels. 5xpi4wx

Here are descriptions of each of the spam levels:

1-2.0: The spam's not that bad, just a few scattered items, or maybe a little more than just a few, but not too much to worry about. This level of spam isn't much of a threat. It was probably just some angry n00b who's already been EOS'd.
3-4.0: The spam's getting just a tad more of a problem. It's definatly more than just a few scattered items. It's everywhere, but still not enough to be major spam. IT's still slightly scattered. Yet you can barely see your sprite inside all the spam. You should probably hold a spam check and send out a few staffer spam patrols.
5-6.0: Okay. Now this is a problem. They'e hit the limit; plucked the last straw. Send out many spam patrols, track the spammer down. Use bots everywhere around the dream. Maybe use some sort of bot command to where when anyone uses DS4 button that it whispers the bot who used it? Whatever it is, it's not just some scattered items anymore. This is serious.
7-8.0: Streets probably are spammed. A lot to all houses that they could get into are spammed. Possibly even the items room/floors room/desk might be spammed. At all costs, get out teh bots. Send the patrols. You have to catch this spammer now. Once you find them, screenshot proof, show the dream owner/co-owner, and banish them. EOSing isn't enough. Even in all that spam you couldn't see your character's sprite. This means war.
9.0+: Track them down. Get millions of bots. Don't take chances. This means that nearly the whole of the dream is spammed, possibly blacktiles, etc. Most likely a staffer. My pictures above can only show house spam, because I wouldn't dare spam the dream just to show you what it looks like. Have you heard of the Great Psycic Clearspams? That's when a former staff/perm owner clearspammed everything, ejected everyone, and blacktiled everything. If you have a suspect, tell Doxie and possibly eject them. Just don't try to make a staff war.

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Spam Levels.
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