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Shoreline Guide

SLH Guide Frontep8
This area is the front, where you first enter or come at. The front has a desk area which has staff members behind them who can sell you homes. In order for you to get to front/desk, you need to say "Desk".

SLH Guide Homeshn9
This is the road to houses. We have 25 houses in total, but some of these homes are permanent homes. You may NOT go into a SOLD house (that has a sold sign in the yard), but to get a home-- you must find the for sale house that you like, go to the desk, and ask a staff member there. If a staff member is not online or on duty, you may decorate the home and ask a staff later.

SLH Guide Itemsap6
This area has a lot of items, and called the items room. To get here, you must say "Items". To pick up an item, you need to stand on an item that you want and either click F2, CTRL G, or use the grab button from the "A" tab under your portrait. DO NOT SPAM WITH ITEMS AT ALL!!

SLH Guide Floorsrd7
To change a flooring in your home, you need to go to the floorshop. To do that, say "Floors". When you're there, stand on a floor, go to your "E" tab, press the button that says "DS 1", go to your house, stand on the floor you want replaced, and click "DS 2". Your floor will appear. If your floor is not the floor you copied, then someone else must be changing their floors as well. I suggest you either wait, or change your floors quickly. DO NOT SPAM WITH FLOORS AT ALL!!

SLH Guide Dollsnk6
Dolls are just decorations for your home. Dolls at SLH are FREE. If you'd like to get a doll, say "Dolls", pick up one, and go back to your home. DO NOT SPAM WITH DOLLS AT ALL!!

SLH Guide Trashwy1
This is the trash tile. If you want an item to disappear, have it in your "Hold" inventory and drop it on the trash. To drop, simply do the same way as you picked it up. DO NOT TAKE ITEMS FROM OTHER'S HOMES AND EMPTY THEM.

SLH Guide Localsqs7
There are THREE locals. Cabbit, rabbit, and kitty. The first one is the cabbit, second is the rabbit, and the third is the kitty. To become these certain locals, you must say their names. To become your original species, you must say "Furre".

SLH Guide Horsetb8
To ride on a horse-- sit on the horse, press insert or delete to face the direction you want and press F3 to move, but you can't be holding anything! If you bump into an object your horse will throw you off.

SLH Guide Cardo3
You can not drive a car in weather. This is a car. To move, just sit there and turn your furre. The car will automatically move for you, but it will take 1 or 2 seconds per step. Cars will drive/move fast, so if you're facing an unwalkable floor, the car will poof onto the floor and you cannot get it back. PLEASE REPORT THIS TO THE STAFF MEMBERS! If you are caught spamming with these, you will be ejected. When you are done, please return them to a trash tile.

To set passwords, just say "Settingpasswords" in the dream for help. They should come out like this.
SLH Guide Passwordsff9
Setting passwords.
SLH Guide Unlocklt0
SLH Guide Unlockedwz2

SLH Guide Spamsd3
Spamming items is the worst to do about spamming. There are two types of spamming, text spamming(spamming words) and item spamming(spamming items). Please do NOT spam anything at all!! Click here for spam level information.

What is spam? Spam is when you place an object repeating the same process everywhere on your screen. Spamming text is when you repeat words again and again.
What is a local? A local is a certain species that you can change into. It depends on a dream if they have locals to become a local.
How can I buy a home? The explaination is said above. To buy a home, you need to find a for sale home that you like, see what number the house is, go to the front desk by saying "desk", and ask a staff member there.

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SLH Guide
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