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Dream Pwner
Dream Pwner

Number of posts : 23
Registration date : 2007-01-02

PostSubject: Ranks!   Fri Jan 12, 2007 7:00 am

First rank: SLH New member (0 posts)
Second Rank: SLH loyal member (25 posts)
Third Rank: SLH Lover (50 posts)
Fourth Rank: SLH Addict (75 posts)
Fifth Rank: SLH Omgsuperaddict (100 posts)
Sixth Rank: SLH Master (200 posts)
Seventh Rank: SLH GRAND MASTER (1,000 posts)

Power Ranks:
Most Powerful Rank: Dream Pwner = The Owner of SLH
Second Powerful Rank: Co-Owner = Co-Owner(s) of SLH
Third Powerful Rank: Staff Member/Team = Staff Member of SLH
Fourth Powerful Rank: SLH New Member
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