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 KH RPG. (reopened. off hope's)

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KH RPG. (reopened. off hope's) Empty
PostSubject: KH RPG. (reopened. off hope's)   KH RPG. (reopened. off hope's) Icon_minitimeSun Mar 25, 2007 10:14 am

Intro: Heart, what is a heart? Love, hurt, surprise, all these emotions, but where do they come from? Is the right path darkness or light? You decide.

The story: This takes place shortly after KH:COM. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are sleeping in the tube thingys, and the heartless are rampaging on the worlds in the meantime. You fight the heartless, and need to figure out a way to stop them, at least for a small time. Or, if you chose to be evil, you try to engulf the wrold in darkness, but you need to fight someone. The reason that is there is so that the evil character doesn't start early and take over every planet, thus ending the RPG.
Classes: There are three, Knights, Wizards, and Ninjas (For lack of Keyblade Masters) There can be custom ones, but PM me before you add it.

Worlds: There are many worlds, they share the same sky.One sky, one destiny. What sky were YOU born under?
**NOTE** I AM NOT ADDING THE LAST LEVEL IN KH2!!!!! Pssting it is a spoiler! STOP PMING ME!
Agrebah: A desert city in peril. Jafar, the main villian of the town from the Alladin Trilogy, is encased in his lamp. The heartless are running through the city, taking many people's hearts. If you're a hero, you try to vanquish the heartless, and may need to seek help from other worlds. If you're an evil character, you are trying to find Jafar's lamp to wish for the world to be destroyed. Help from other worlds may prove useful. Your element is fire and heat, you are weakened by water and cold.

Destiny Islands:Two different Islands, there might be others.One is an island where kids are free to play whithout adult supervision. The other is the villiage, where everyone lives. Your element is light, you are devistated by dark powers. If you are a hero, you are fighting to stay alive, because heartless appear any time and anywhere. You lack real weapons also. If you are evil, you are trying to show the heartless the keyhole and are not compleatly evil.

Traverse Town: A burg where people try to travel to when their worlds dissapear. Here, random characters appear, making it interesting. There is no element here, you are hurt equilly by all elements. If you are good, you run errands for people and try to make a living. However, if oyu are evil, you team up with Guard Armor to attack the city.

Twilight Town: A town nestled between Night and Day. If you are good, you are competing in "The Struggle" to prove you are the best. If you are evil, you are part of the Orgonization, whos goal is unknown. There is no element here as well.

Wonderland: A strange world, where down is up, different rooms can be the same room, and a tyrant, ironically called the Queen of Hearts, rules. If you are good, you are meerly trying to get home. If you are evil, you rule alongside the queen. The element is Earth, you are weakened by wind and water.

Deep Jungle: A deep jungle (duh) where Apes live. Humans recently arrived to study the gorillas. If you are good, you are an animal lover who is stuying and protecting the gorillas. If you are evil, you're a no-good hunter that wants animal rights agencies' heads on a stick. The element is earth, with a touch of water, so you are weakened by fire and wind.

Olympus Collesium: A place where heros gather to fight, where lagends are born. Both good and Evil have the same goal: To win the Zeus cup.there is no element.

Atlantica: An undersea world where mer-men and mer-maids live. If you are good, you live to please the king, King Tritant. If you are evil, make your own goal.Element is water, you are weakened by both Fire and Cold.

London: The clocktower gets strange visits form a flying boy, a walking puppet went to school, and a house with 101 dalmations excist. This is a town with no element. You can chose your goal, evil or good.

Neverland: A place where children never grow up. The element is air, and if you think happy thoughts (With a bit of pixie dust) you can fly alongside Peter Pan. If you are evil, you fight alongside Captain Hook. You are weakened by Earth.

Land of Dragons (China): The evil Mongolians are constantly attacking. If you are good, you serve the Emporer and defend China against the invasion. If you are evil, you have been recruited by the Mongolians to attack China. The element is Fire or Cold (Mountains).

Pride Lands: A vast plain, where only animals excist.Mufasa rules, but Scar is planning something....... You must be an animal in order to survive here. The element is earth. You may chose your goal.

Halloween Town: Where the spooks of Halloween go when the 31st of October is over. Jack Scellington is the Pumpkin King, with the Mayor as his elected Oficial. If you are good, you want to scare the living daylights out of people. It doesn't matter what you do if you are evil, you'll hardly be noticed!

Hallow Bastion: Where Final Fantasy characters lived. The castle is in ruins, as well as the city. There is no goal what so ever, and no set element either. You could bring any type of character over here.

End Of the World: A dark place where only evil lives. EVIL! PURE EVIL!
Finding Nemo: The deep blue sea. The element is water, no set goals either.

Pirates of the Caribian: A pirate island world, treasueres and adventure abound.

Tron: A computer world. The heartless have invaded inside a virus. Team up with Tron, seeing as though you're a computer program if born here. (I don't know much about the movie, can someone gimmie a summary?)

There can be custom worlds, PM me about it.

You can do almost anything in these worlds. You may travel to any world, but you MUST give a good reason. Just popping out of nowhere isn't cool.
Your character sheet is pretty basic. Heres an example:

Age: 12.
Species: (Species can be almost anything. If you're not sure, PM me.)
Rank: (There can be other ranks. PM me about it.)

(Ps, My friend from another forums allowed me to make one like his here.)(PSS This is not really mine)
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KH RPG. (reopened. off hope's)
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