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 Staff Jobs/Positions (( READ ))

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Staff Jobs/Positions (( READ )) Empty
PostSubject: Staff Jobs/Positions (( READ ))   Staff Jobs/Positions (( READ )) Icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2007 5:37 am

Staff Member Jobs

Mmk, how this will work is that this thread will explain what staff positions are able/allowed to do. The owner position will count in this even though I am the one and only.

Owner- The owner is self-explanitory. The owner owns the dream. The owner controls the dream. The owner cannot be forbiddened by their own dream and cannot be broken out of his/her power unless he/she has given or sold their dream away/to someone, but.. don't become a suck up to them. Sucking up to them may get you out of your staff power yourself, but if you act too agressively.. you may earn your way to being fired.

Co-owner- Also self-explanitory. Co, co-owner. Co is a little slang for meaning closely related or assistant. A co-owner has the most, main second power of control of the owner's dream. The same should be respected.

Manager- Mmk, the manager doesn't give selfish reasons for things they do wrong. These managers are closely related to the owner and co-owner or assistant. Managers are assistants in control. Lower than co-owner, but still mostly in charge. These three types are trusted staffs who may be able to stay as long as they stay honest.

Regulars- Regular staff members are allowed to create races, house checks, sell homes, emit/emitloud, monitor the dream, create adoption emits, redecorate, etc.. Trials are able to do these, too.

Trials- Trials are pretty much trainees. These trials are staff members who are in training. In most BaHs, once a person is hired.. they are put on trial. Same share as the regulars, but.. the one thing that is different is that they will not receive/have auto-share. They will be manually shared when needed.
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Staff Jobs/Positions (( READ ))
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