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PostSubject: Application Form   Application Form Icon_minitimeTue Jan 02, 2007 3:10 am

Coming to Shoreline Homes and wanting a job isn't a problem. The owner is Doxie. We have three co-owners and they are JQJenny, #SOMoonlight#SO, and Maddie. If you'd like a job, read the following -
Before you fill an application out, put "Line" above the word Application. Then completely fill it out. Do your best and make sure you proof read your application. If you are declined, do not complain; simply do your best next time you apply. You may apply when we are re-hiring staff members. I have to change my mind, put "Shore" above the word Application and also, check the rules page in the "General Information" topic for another application rule. Those who do not have what it says, will get their application declined. Title your application thread "Apply Furrename". Where it says "Furrename", replace it with your Furcadian Name. Lay off the emotes/polls/etc or we WILL DELETE your application without a warning. Please do not reply to the topics if you are not a staff. At least five staffs must recommend your application before you are accepted as a staff member. Four recommends in two weeks will get you on trial for 7 days just like the five recommends. Three may get you on trial and to know if you are on trial, your application is up for two weeks; though you should get five recommendations by then. If there are stars [*] in front of the question, they are required to answer. Please bold your answers, so we can tell which are your answers. Okay, now that we have plenty of staff members, we will be declining applications if we just see one no-recommend/if owner or co-owners do not like it. We will hire people by five recommends still, though. Because of too many staff members, we will start hiring people on trial. Thank you for reading.


General Information

*Furcadian Name:

*Furcadian Age:

*Age in real life:

*Alts (Frequent Use Only):

*Time you can get on Weekdays:

*Time you can get on Weekends:

*How long you've played Furcadia:

*SLH owner and co-owners?:

*Current Jobs, you must have at least one:

*Beekin type, if you are one:

*Staff friends:

*Any digos? List if so:

Job Information

*Why do you wish to work here? (30 words):

*If you cannot be contacted via Furcadia, how may we contact you?:

*Can you patch?:

*Do you know how to use DS?:

*Can you donate anything to the dream at any time?:

*A patron is breaking rules, tell us what would you do to handle it:

*A staff is breaking the rules, tell us what you would do to handle it:

*Anything else you would like to add?(Comments):


*Write a 100 or more word paragraph about what BaH's are for:

*Write a 200 or more word paragragh That a Furre is new to the dream and everything in it. Explain in details what you would say to help them get to know the dream better?

*Give a 20 or more word paragraph reason of why you should be chosen:

Good Luck!

-Shoreline Home Owners, Co-owners, & Staffs
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Application Form
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