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 Dream&Forum&Application(+) Rules

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PostSubject: Dream&Forum&Application(+) Rules   Dream&Forum&Application(+) Rules Icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2007 1:58 pm

Dream Rules

Guest Rules:

- Do not spam items/text.
- Do not harass staffs or other guests.
- Do not curse/swear/spam swear.
- Do not argue in the front desk or in front of someone out of the picture. Please argue in whisper, OOC, in your home, or do not at all.
- No chatspeak & netspeaking [Example : i lyk 2day bcuz itz fn nd i got a jbo at shorlinhoms and u r hired 2] That is not a good statement for using chatspeak and netspeak.
- Do not steal any items or delete them from anybody's homes.
- Do not tell a person to fake a fight in front of the desk, do not bring any alts over to ruin the BaH, and do not play around.

++ Those who abuse these rules for any reason will result in banishment from the dream and forums FOR LIFE!

Staff Rules:

- Most Important Rule: No spamming text/items/emits.
- Do not break guest rules.
- Do not eject other staffs, especially the owner/co-owners.
- Do not use cuff or freeze unless Doxie, JQJenny, Maddie, or #SOMoonlight#SO says you can.
- Do not chatspeak or netspeak. Especially doing it in front of a new furre(who just started Furcadia) ... teaching a new furre/customer how you chatspeak and netspeak. Most new people do that, tell them to please try to not make things so vague and put better spelling so we understand if you are trying to apply for a job here. [Tell them what vague means or use another word]
- Do not ignore a furre especially one that needs you. If seen you do this, you will have your share taken away from you for a limit of days. You will get it back; possibly in 2 days after we see you help furres that need you without share. [By answering questions that staffs could answer/not selling homes; answering questions that a furre might ask (if they ask 'What is a BaH'?)

++ Those who abuse these rules will be FIRED and/or placed in BANISHMENT for life!

Forum/Application Rules

For Guests:

- Do not complain if your application is declined or not recommended on.
- Do not reply to applications.
- Do not abuse the forums.
- Do not steal other's applications or their answers!
- Do not say harrassing statements [I love *****es like you.]
- Do not reply to your own application about complaints or saying 'Thank-you for the recommendation.' Just talk about it in Furcadia or PM the staff member.

If you disagree with any of these rules, do not apply. Penalties for those who break these rules will have you resulted in banned from the forums and/or not allowed to apply at SLH for a job ever again!

[ For Applications: At the end of your application, put the phrase "Shoreline Surfer" with the quotion marks [" "]. Have Surfer underlined and Shoreline bolded. Make "fer" in Surfer colored green ]

For Staffs:

- Do not reply to an application if you are not giving a recommend/non-recommend decision.
- Do not laugh at an appliant's answer.
- Point out an answer that is not correct or have the right solution.
- Give out a statement in reason why you chose your decision.
- Do not "not" recommend an appliant's application just because you don't like the person.
- Do not recommend an appliant's application just because you are their friend.
Thanks for reading. :]
Have fun.
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Dream&Forum&Application(+) Rules
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