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 Perm Costs & Rules

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Perm Costs & Rules Empty
PostSubject: Perm Costs & Rules   Perm Costs & Rules Icon_minitimeThu Mar 15, 2007 7:24 am

So you want to buy a perm, eh? Well here are some basic rules and the costs.


1. The house has to be forsale at the time, or sold to you.
2. You may choose any forsale or sold to you house.
3. You may only pick one house.
4. You may change your perm later if needed.
5. You may share your house.
6. You must lock your perm to protect it.
7. You should set a password.
8. You may ask the staff to change the floortiles under your house or lock.
9. You may decorate it however you want.
10. You must have fun!

Basic: The perm lasts for however long the digo lasts, unless the digo is a forever digo besides a life digo. Ex: Portspace.

Wings: Accepted wings are butters, bats, tris, classics. The perm would
last for however long the digo lasted, if the wings were life you would
have a life perm.

Phoe, Gryffes, and Drag: Accepted species are phoe, drag, and gryffe.
The perm would last for however long the digo lasted, if the digo was
life then you would have a life perm.

Portspaces: Accepted are empty portspaces. The old policy was you get a
perm for a year. However, it has been changed. The people who bought it
before will continue to get the old policy though. The new one is it
equals three months.

Silver Sponser: Accepted are SS. Perm lasts for however long the SS lasts.

Dragonscales: A month per three dollars.

Other: Whisper owner for info.

Theory behind costs: Okay, you should know the least expensive
digo are three dollar butters, right? Well, that would make it so that
the cheapest you could get your perm would be for three dollars a
month. However, if you don't have butters you may also pay with
something else. Yes, you could just do that instead of a dragon, but if
your nice you could pick the latter. Wink Yes, so, portspaces are 10
dollars which means it would equal about three months.

Policy: You should be sure you want the perm before you get it,
no refunds. However, if the digo can be given back, the owner might be
able to arrange something. Things like portspaces when used can be
given back. Be sure to protect your house by locking it, and be sure
you trust the people coming in your house. You may give the perm to
someone else if both of you agree. You may also trade your perm house
once a month or not. If you have any problems contact the owner.

Why buy? Perm houses don't have to be guarded day and night. If
you don't want to sit in front of your house all day then it would
help. You also have the bragging rights of saying you have a perm. Wink
J/k, well, you could, but anyways.
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Perm Costs & Rules
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